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I now offer a one hour consultation over Skype video chat or by phone and can help you with questions you may have like:

  • The process of finding, dating and marrying a woman from Russia, Ukraine and other FSU countries, bringing a Russian woman to the USA
  •  The K-1 or K-3 visa process
  •  how does “Russian bride” scam works and how to avoid getting scammed or being used by prodaters
  •  The cost of travel, lodging, food and entertainment when you go to Russia or Ukraine to meet your Russian women prospects
  •  Russian/Ukrainian culture, language and religion
  •  The myths about Russian women – what’s true versus what is the mail order bride / Russian bride agency hype
  • Do Russian women want to get out of Russia and Ukraine? Do they want to come to a Western country like the USA or Canada?
I charge a $75 fee for a one hour consultation. Keep in mind that it can save you thousands of $$$ and years of learning the ropes the hard way. Please contact me using the contact form below.