Russian women? Why all the hype?

Since the beginning of the 1990s Western men have been drawn to Ukraine and Russia in search of beautiful Russian women for love

Russian women

Why marry a Russian woman?

and marriage. Some were successful, while others spent years and tens of thousands of dollars for a dream that never materialized. For a little over 10 years FSU (Former Soviet Union) was going through a very rough time, economically speaking, from the beginning of the 1990s till early 2000s. In those days quite a few Russian women just wanted to get out and escape to the West where they could have a stable, secure life that wasn’t possible back home during that period. Some Russian women were using Western men as a mule to get them out of Russia and bring them to a Western country. They became known as “GCG” (Green Card Girls) and most of these Russian women divorced their husbands as soon as they became legal residents in their new country. But off course there were some genuine Russian women who did marry their Western husbands for love without ulterior motives.

The sudden realization of how gorgeous, feminine, slim and family oriented Russian women were on average, sparked a great interest in Western men who began making efforts to find, get to know and marry Russian women.  And in turn this phenomena triggered the birth of the mail order bride industry that became huge in the late 90s and was going strong till the late 2000s.

Why do Russian women want to get out of Russia and marry foreign men?

It’s a myth. In fact, there are very few Russian women who would want to leave Russia and even fewer Russian women who would actively seek a foreign man for marriage. However a number of women will be open to a relationship with, and marriage to a foreigner if she genuinely finds him attractive and falls in love with him. These are the Russian women definitely worth pursuing! The reason why some Russian women are open to marriage to a foreign man is an imbalance in the ratio of available, marriage minded, single and stable Russian men to women. There are about ten million more Russian women in Russia than Russian men! And this creates a huge difference in dating and relationship dynamics in Russia compared to Western countries. You can really feel this difference when in Russia or Ukraine. Russian women maintain eye contact, flirt, act friendly and pleased when you try to talk to them, and when in a relationship they really try to please their man and hold on to him. The shortage of men locally really makes Russian women appreciate it when a decent guy comes along and they do everything in their power to keep him. The shortage of eligible men in Russia also makes it really easy for Russian men to be “players” which means that Russian men act like a “kid in a candy store” when it comes to women, and a very large number of Russian men have girlfriends on the side even if they are married. Many times Russian women are aware of their man’s indiscretions, but they put up with them since they feel that it’s better to have a man and share him with other Russian women than being alone.

Many Russian women would rather have a very average looking man who they can trust and call their own, than be with a good looking guy who for sure will run around with other women and probably won’t stick around. Therefore you see many “mismatched” couples in Russia where the guy looks like a geek (who couldn’t even get a very unattractive 300Lbs American woman to go out with him in the USA) with a gorgeous Russian girl. Remember the show “The beauty and the Geek”? Well, couples like that are common place in Russia!

This situation creates an opening for Western men to sweep Russian women off their feet, marry them and bring these beautiful Russian women to their countries.

Russian women – is the mail order bride agency business dead?

Russia is a completely different, economically stable country today, compared to 10 or 15 years ago. In fact when you travel to Moscow or St. Petersburg you find yourself in a modern Western city that offers anything that cities like New York, London or Rome can offer and more.   A dynamic night life with the night clubs playing house music and trance, tons of different restaurants and bars is reminiscent of New York night life of the late 80s and early 90s. The big difference is that you don’t see any obese people there and Russian women are simply stunning.

Russian women are not looking to “get out” of Russia any longer which is bringing the mail order bride industry to a crashing halt. Not a big loss to Western men seeking Russian women for marriage, since most of mail order bride agencies were running scams from day one anyway.   Now-days it is extremely difficult to find real, sincere Russian women looking for marriage on MOB (mail order bride) agency sites. They run fake ads with agency translators writing letters pretending to be the women on the photos, while the hot Russian women on the photos have no clue that you even exist.

Luckily there are still a few honest service providers like Eduard of REALRUSSIANMATCH.COM who has an impressive record of helping Western men find and get to know beautiful Russian women who are outside of the mail order bride agency circuit and who are sincerely looking for love.

Russian women – myth or reality?

For a long time mail order bride agencies have been perpetuating certain stereotypes of Russian women that may or may not correspond with reality. They like to portray Russian women as these submissive, beautiful, faithful angels who don’t care if a man is 30 years older than them and weighs 400 Lbs. as long as he’s got a good soul…   NOT!  Truth is that between Russia and Ukraine there are about 115,000,000 Russian women there and in my opinion there is no way that the whole one hundred fifteen million Russian women could all be the same! In fact Russian women can be as different from each other as any women from any country. Some are submissive but others are strong and dominant. Some are very faithful but others will cheat. Some like to cook while others don’t! Get my drift? Perhaps it would make more sense to compare Russian women to Western women on average to get a better understanding.

Russian women versus Western women

Now let me say this, you can find gorgeous, wonderful women in any ethnic group and in any country, but ON AVERAGE:

  • Russian women are slimmer. You see very few overweight women in Russia and I’ve never seen really obese women like you see in the USA.
  • Russian women are prettier on average. A lot more head turners there compared to any Western country. Must be careful not to break your neck looking when in Russia or Ukraine!  😆
  • Russian women take more pride in their appearence – they always dress very sexy, always in high heels (even when have to walk on ice and snow in the winter), hair is always beautifully done. Even when a Russian woman has to go to the supermarket across the street for some milk she won’t leave her place unless she has her make up and hair done perfectly, she will put a nice outfit on with high heel shoes and only then she will go.
  • Russian women are more feminine. They enjoy being a woman in the traditional sense, and let a man be a man. Very refreshing after dealing with Western feminist women who are always trying to compete with men to prove that they are just as […] You can fill in the blank! But in the process, Western women became less feminine and they sometimes come across manlier than some men!
  • Russian women have better family values and want to get married and have children earlier in life compared to Western women. When Russian women turn about 25 years old generally they start wanting to have a stable relationship, marriage and children. Generally Western women of this age just want to casually date without a serious commitment.