Are Russian women looking for foreign men?

Russian women looking for men


Russian women – why are they looking for men from Western countries? Or are they?

Are Russian women looking for foreign men?

Russian women

Truth is that the vast majority of Russian women do not look specifically for foreign men. Most Russian women that you see on “Russian Bride” agency sites wound up there because they either responded to ads for work, contests and parties in the local media (newspapers, magazines, TV ads) or they were directly recruited by agency reps. Rarely you will find women on agency sites who put up their profile there because they are sincerally looking for a foreign man for marriage.

I deeply mistrust  these agencies and the Russian women there especially if they are very young and very attractive. Just think about it. A very attractive, young Russian woman can have any guy she wants locally, in Russia or Ukraine. She can get an attractive, intelligent, financially secure local man. Why would she look for a foreigner??? If she marries a foreign man she  will have to leave her family, friends, career, culture, her whole support system behind to move to a foreign land with a man she hardly knows after seeing him only for a couple of times.

Have you ever seen  American or Canadian women listing themselves with agencies that will connect them with foreign men? Off course not! Why do you think that is? So IMO many of these women are on these agencies to make commissions $$$ from the money a man spends writing letters, web cam chatting, gifts, flowers, etc. Or in some cases they have an agenda or issues that prevent them from marrying a good local man. What could those issues be? How about women with bipolar disorder or BPD? It is estimated that about 20% of people in Russia and Ukraine have mental disorders. Russian men have a much better chance to recognise the symptoms, on the other hand most Western men dealing with the language and cultural barrier wouldn’t know if the women they meet are the equivalent of uneducated trailer trash, it is unreasonable to expect them to easily recognise dysfunctional Russian women and Russian women with serious mental disorders.

Now with the Russian women who are more average in their appearance and are not very attractive it is a different story. A number of them may run out of options and not wanting to settle for a drunk or a cheat locally some of them (but still a very small number relatively) may decide to seek out a marriage agency to look for a foreign man.

However, all this doesn’t mean that a man from a Western country can’t find a beautiful Russian woman for love and marriage.  There are millions of single Russian women advertising for a mate on local Russian dating and social networking sites. They can be contacted directly, with no middleman involved. This is the most realistic and natural way of meeting them. Since the sites are in Russia and Russian women speak Russian language you might consider help from a reputable service provider who will help you create a profile on some of these local Russian dating sites, help with translations, cultural issues and educate you in regard to how to develop a relationship with a Russian woman and how to recognise Russian women with issues – the Russian women you definitely want to avoid!  offers such a service and they come highly recommended with a very impressive rate of success helping Western men date and marry Russian women.  It is run by a husband and wife team, located in Florida, USA.


  1. ashong godfred
    ashong godfred07-02-2012

    am a nice looking guy you will like to meet

  2. Eduard

    IMHO the best method of looking for a Russian woman is offered by
    This way you don’t have to deal with any mail order bride agencies and you will communicate with Russian women and Ukrainian women directly with no middleman involved. You also get cultural coaching and relationship advice form experts, and off course perfect translation. is really the best way to go for a man who is seriously interested in marriage to a Russian woman or a Ukrainian girl.

  3. eric palafox
    eric palafox07-19-2012

    Are russian women also interested with Asian men?

    • Eduard

      I can’t speak for all Russian women but I know that some do marry Asian men. I’ve had several Asian clients and I was able to help them find great women in Russia. However it did take more time than for my Caucasian clients.

      • RC

        Whoever posted this is dumb. Read and educate yourself. The reason why there are no jobs for american women to do this is because no one wants american women because they are spoiled and lazy. The reason why russian and ukrainian women are looking for foreign men is because the ratio is so bad, like 5 women to every one man that there are no options and they men dont treat their women well. How would you be if there were so many women you could pick and choose whatever you want whenever you want. They are old fashion and want a family and husband. They have lack of options due to the small number of men in Russia due to WW1 and 2. Millions and millions of Russian men died in the wars. And when i mean millions in mean like 20 million. Look it up and read and educate yourself.

        • Eduard

          Calling somebody “dumb” doesn’t add anything to your credibility especially since your “facts” have no basis in truth. I’ll address each one of your points below.

          1. You wrote: “The reason why there are no jobs for american women to do this is because no one wants american women because they are spoiled and lazy”.
          According to research just about half of Americans are married
          So to say that “no one wants American women” is a bit strong and inaccurate. Somebody must want them since half of them are married. Furthermore some of the other half of American women who are single may feel exactly the same way about American men, hence the reason they prefer to remain single, have you thought about that?
          Now, I can clearly see how years of feminism and equal opportunity in the workplace effected American women and society in general in the US but to think that the exact same thing is not happening in Russia (where about 80% of TV programming is American and similar trends are happening in the workplace) is simply ignorant. Russian women are not as far gone as American women, but slowly but surely they are moving in the same direction and this can be especially noticeable among young Russian women.

          2. You wrote: “The reason why russian and ukrainian women are looking for foreign men is because the ratio is so bad, like 5 women to every one man”
          I’d like to ask you if you have any evidence of this? And please don’t tell me that your “evidence” is some mail order bride agency hype designed to make you buy a fantasy that you can marry a model-type gorgeous 22 year old Russian girl even if you are a an older, overweight man in his 50s or 60s.
          Now in your post you said “Read and educate yourself” and I agree with this advice. You should also take your own advice and read and educate yourself.
          Allow me to save you some time and provide you with the link where men to women ratio is indicated by country:
          As you can see, at birth there are actually slightly more males than females in both Russia and Ukraine (1.06 ratio), but once they reach adulthood there is a slight imbalance that swings the other way: 0.92 men for every woman. Which means that there are 8 “extra” women for every 100 of them or another way of looking at it is that there are 92 Russian men for every 100 Russian women. Furthermore this imbalance really starts developing only in people over 30 years old. So to say that “there are 5 women to every man” in Russia and Ukraine would be inaccurate.

          There are socioeconomic issues (like alcoholism, drugs, abusive behavior, low income, etc.) that make many Russian men undesirable for marriage to Russian women, but the ratio of men to women is only one of the contributing factors and the gender imbalance is nowhere near to what you are suggesting.
          Russian women do have somewhat limited choices of single, decent, marriage-minded, non-drinking local Russian men but it has a lot to do with the quality of men and only a little with the quantity of them.

          3. You wrote: “They have lack of options due to the small number of men in Russia due to WW1 and 2. Millions and millions of Russian men died in the wars. And when i mean millions in mean like 20 million. Look it up and read and educate yourself.”

          Now this is just silly. The only way this loss of men would effect today’s single Russian women is if they were seeking 125 year old men (WWI) or 90 year old men (WWII) (Assuming that the average age of men killed during these wars was around 25yo).
          WWII ended 67 years ago. Men and women born after that weren’t effected by the war and the birth rate was pretty even . How do you figure that those wars effected Russian men who were born in 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and so on???

          4. You wrote: “They are old fashion and want a family and husband”
          This is another ignorant statement right out of the “Russian bride agency” hype manual. I would say that Russian women ON AVERAGE are still more marriage and family oriented compared to American women but the younger generation of Russian girls is being effected by the American culture and feminism, so things are slowly changing there as well. Lots of Russian women are very career driven these days and are not what you are envisioning in your head. A number of them would still prefer to take care of kids and to be a house wife, but they would still want to have at least some kind of part time career. Staying at home and taking care of kids 100% of the time will drive a Russian wife crazy, just as it would an American wife.

          To summarise:
          A Western man can still find a beautiful, very good, family oriented, traditional woman in Russia and some other FSU countries. However this search is becoming more and more difficult and the window of opportunity is closing fast. If you are thinking of finding a Russian wife don’t put it off for much longer. If you wait too long you might be out of luck.

          RC, do yourself a favor and stop getting your information from the mail order bride sites. most of it is BS designed to sell you a fantasy. Good luck.

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