Russian wife: what is the quickest, most effective way to find your soul mate in Russia or Ukraine? Will you have to spend years learning the ropes to find a Russian wife?

There are several ways to look for a Russian wife. Some would make sense to you more than others. Some men prefer to look for a Russian wife in Russia, others – in Ukraine, Belarus, the Stans or in the Baltic countries.

Russian wife

Russian girl looking for marriage

Although it seems like most Western men flock to Ukraine to find a Russian wife, thanks to the mail order bride industry’s marketing efforts. The vast majority of scam operations capitalizing on some men’s gullibility are therefor located in Ukraine.

Most men who start their search for a Russian wife start by searching Google using keywords like “Russian wife” or “Russian women” or “Russian bride”.

Obviously the businesses who have the most advertising dollars always come up on top. And they are the big companies who are also known as aggregators who basically act as a go-in-between the content providers (mail order bride agencies, mostly in Ukraine) and Western men who are the paying end consumers. An aggregator provides technology, marketing and advertising while agencies in Ukraine provide “content”  – women’s photos, profiles, webcam girl feeds and letters that these women supposedly write (well a few women do actually write their own letters but for the most part they are written by agency stuff translators, while the girl on the photos doesn’t even know that the man she is “in love” with exists). I could spend a lot of time talking about how they operate but the bottom line is that as far as I know very few men find their Russian wife using this method. In my opinion men are being sold a fantasy – hot young girls who don’t care about a man’s age or looks “fall in love” with him after exchanging a couple of letters. Sure you are being sold the “They are from a different culture” myth, but still you have to exercise some common sense to avoid being taken for a ride!

Here is a link to a good article on a subject:

Other men sign up directly with those mail order bride agencies in Ukraine who are doing an excellent job extracting their hard earned money from them. Very few men actually do succeed finding their Russian wife on these sites, most just get scammed.

“Romance tour” is another well marketed option to find a Russian wife

I have been a participant on several “Russian wife” forums for a few years and I only know of a couple of guys who met their Russian wife through an agency who organizes “Romance tours”. On the other hand I have talked to hundreds of men who went on one or more of these tours but came back empty handed. I have heard that agencies who organize these tours put ads in the local papers just to get the women to come to their parties, promising them free food and drinks. So many women just show up to have free dinner and drinks, not really interested in meeting Western men in general or marriage to one in particular. Some men who went on a “Romance tour” described it as a “Good way to get your feet wet”, but not the best way to meet your Russian wife.

Finding your Russian wife on local Russian social networking sites

Searching for a Russian wife on Russian social networking sites that are equivalent to Facebook or (only in Russian language) makes the most sense since the majority of single Russian and Ukrainian women (around 10 million of them) are active on these sites looking for a relationship. They are direct contact with no middlemen involved and the women are not a part of the mail order bride corrupt industry.

There are only very few scammers on these sites and they are easy to avoid because they act and write so very differently from real women. The drawback for non-russian speaking men is that these sites are in Russian language and the vast majority of women have limited to no English skills. However if you spend a lot of time searching for and contacting Russian women on these sites occasionally you will find women who speak pretty good English. This method of looking for a Russian wife will require a very substantial investment in time and a lot of effort to browse through thousands of profiles, translate them so you can understand what a woman is looking for, contacting women, corresponding with them, figuring out who you are dealing with because of the language barrier, etc. It is very important to read a woman’s profile since different women are looking for different things. Majority of Russian women will not be interested in Western men, but a percentage of them will give it a shot if they find a man attractive and interesting, and that his intentions are serious.

If you are a busy professional with limited time Real Russian is undoubtedly the best resource to help you find, get to know and develop a relationship with a beautiful Russian woman using  Russian social networking sites, without spending years on the learning curve and countless hours every day figuring things out.

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