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  • Are Russian girls OK with a wide age gap?

Russian wife

Russian wife

This is one of the myths about the Russian girls perpetuated by the mail order bride agencies. If you browse through Russian girls’ profiles on agency sites you will find that many beautiful, young Russian girls in their early 20s put the age of their desired partner up to 50 and even up to 60 years old in their agency profile! As many men start thinking with the wrong head looking at a photo of a hot young thing, the scam works really well and gets men to sign up and pay to open letters that these Russian girls supposedly write to them and pay again to write them back. In many cases the Russian girls on the photos don’t know that they have a profile on a mail order bride agency site and a man is actually exchanging letters with an agency’s staff translator assigned to him. Other Russian girls (mostly in Ukraine) knowingly participate in the scam and get a cut of the money that a Western man spends to write letters, to video chat with her and to send gifts and flowers.  In our opinion most of the  mail order bride agencies are only good if a man wants to live in a fantasy world and pay big money for it. However if you want to meet real Russian girls you’ll be wise to stay away from them. Using a personal service like Real Russian Match .com makes a lot more sense because you will be talking directly to real Russian girls who are outside of the mail order bride agency circuit and you won’t have to deal with any middlemen.

In reality most Russian girls look for men within 5 to 10 years age difference. Some women will accept a wider age gap like 15 years or even 20 years, but it isn’t as common. Off course there are many variables so each individual case is different. I have seen a gorgeous 24 year old Russian girl fall in love with a 50 year old guy. But to be fair, he was a body builder in an amazing physical shape, very handsome and well off… Most 50 year old men won’t fit into that category though so they must be a bit more realistic in their expectations when searching for Russian girls. But off course there are always exceptions to every rule.

  •  Are Russian girls and women more family oriented compared to Western women?

    I think that it would be fair to assume that people are people no matter what country they are from. Surely there are cultural differences but it’s not like Russian girls come from a different planet. There are all kinds of Russian girls – some are very family oriented, others are not. But generally Russian girls haven’t been as influenced by the feminist movement as Western women. So, in my opinion Russian girls are more family oriented  on average. Russian girls usually wish to get married, settle down and have children once they reach their mid twenties. In contrast many American women only become “ready” for marriage and kids when they are in their mid to late thirties.  Russian girls enjoy their femininity and they don’t mind, in fact they prefer to let a man be a man, unlike many American women who like competing with men always striving to prove that they can do things as good or better. Many Western women have a very manly aura while many Western men became more feminine due to the cultural pressure from the feminists. Russian girls are undeniably more feminine in the traditional sense of the word.

What are the costs of finding and bringing Russian girls for marriage to my country?

The cost of marriage to a Russian woman may vary greatly depending on several factors. Think about it: 1. how do you find Russian girls? 2. How do you communicate with them in-spite of the language barrier? 3. How do you meet Russian girls in real life and date them? Let’s explore these one point at a time:
The cost of finding Russian girls could be low if you learn Russian and hit the free local Russian social networking sites.  Then you would only be paying for your air plane tickets, hotel, food and entertainment. So you make two or three trips to Russia or Ukraine, then off course you will have to pay for the paperwork to bring you lady to your country and pay for her travel expanses.  So if you speak Russian, know the culture and know how to avoid all the pit falls you could probably accomplish this for 10 or 15 thousand dollars depending on where you live (it is much more expensive to travel to the FSU from Australia compared to UK or even USA and Canada). The downside is that you do have to speak decent Russian to navigate your way around the sites, read Russian girls ‘ profiles,  initiate contact and engage them in an interesting conversation in Russian. Also if you can’t invest 4 or 5 hours a day into doing this it’s very unlikely that you will ever get anywhere using this method. Alternatively you can engage a service like REAL RUSSIAN MATCH and they will do all the leg work for you. Ed at is a real professional. He is a native Russian speaker and he has helped many American, Canadian, and European men to find their Russian wife or a Ukrainian wife.  If your time is limited and you don’t particularly care about investing several years to become fluent in Russian language you should definitely consider using his services. He is not cheap, but considering it will take him 1 hour to produce the results that you may or may not produce in 15-20 hours your ROI (return on investment) will increase greatly working with him. His record really speaks for itself. Men who work with Real Russian usually find their soul mate in a matter of about 3 to 4 months.
Then off course you have the usual mail order bride agency route… oh boy where do I start!? I’ve talked to many men who’s been through the  mail order bride agency grinder and after spending years, tens of thousands of dollars and several trips to Ukraine they were disillusioned, hurt, frustrated and worst of all still single! While there are thousands of mail order bride agencies on line only a handful are at least trying to run an honest business while the vast majority of them unscrupulously selling a “Russian girls” fantasy as reality and blatantly ripping naive Western men off.
Occasionally I do hear of rare success stories of Western guys marrying Russian girls through mail order bride agencies. It does get pretty expensive though. I read that on average they spent $30,000 to $50,000 for the whole process. But I’ve also heard of men spending a lot more to search for Russian girls – over a $100,000! In short, searching for Russian girls is probably not for poor men. Either way you look at it you pay now or pay later.
But if you can afford to invest $40 or 50K in your future you can find an outstanding quality beautiful Russian woman, bring her to your country and marry her. It is highly unlikely that you’d be able to find and marry a Western woman locally who would even come close in terms of looks, education, family values and femininity.
Another way to meet Russian girls is to move to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus

Moving to the FSU (Former Soviet Union) will provide many opportunities to meet and date Russian girls! If you can find a job in Russia or a job in Ukraine or if you are self employed and can continue running your business from an apartment in Russia or a house in Ukraine while dating Russian girls that’s an excellent way of going about it! Off course learning Russian will be extremely helpful in order for you to meet Russian girls.

Do Russian girls speak English?

Many Russian girls study English in school just like many Americans study Spanish. Ask yourself, do you know many Americans who speak good Spanish? Usually they remember a few words that they learned at school, but without practice Russian girls retain very little. So having any kind of intelligent conversation in English is out oif the question with most. Obviously there are some Russian girls who continued learning English in College or University and went on to become professional translators or English professors who are fluent in English.  Occasionally we stumble across a Russian woman who speaks very good English, but not very often.

Some people suggest that a Western man should only look for a Russian woman who speaks good English. Yes, this will provide you with instant gratification of language barrier free communication, but it will tremendously limit your pool of single, available, marriage minded Russian girls. On top of that you will have to compete with all other Western men looking for Russian girls with good English skills. Russian girls generally are very well educated, very smart and love to learn. So even if you find Russian girls who don’t speak English, find the way to communicate with them and get to know them, they will start taking English classes and will learn English in a matter of just a few months once they feel that they might have a future with you and this could turn into a serious relationship.

If you focus only on Russian girls who speak English you will be missing out on thousands of great Russian girls who may be a much better match for you in terms of personality, family values, looks, etc. Think outside the box and you can find a Russian girl of your dreams!

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